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Concept: Ulla Taipale
Sign iIllustrations: Andrés Marin Jarque
Audio recordings and editing: Kirill Lorech, Mikko Viskari and Guy Schneider (French)
Bee recordings: Alex Muñoz 
Readings: Emilia Esteban Langstroff (cat), Kira O ́Reilly (eng) , Andres Marín Jarque (esp), Barbara Barker (fr), Merja Markkula (fin)
Map design / Barcelona: Todojunto / Geneva: Christian Bili Translations: Anna Iatsenko, La Correccional
Web design and video editing: Visa Knuuttila

Augmented Reality Application: Arilyn

Melliferopolis – Honeybees in Urban Environments:
Fundación Joan Miró Barcelona, Beehave exhibition, curator Martina Millá
Utopiana Geneve, 1000 Ecologies, curator Anna Barseghian

Special thanks for Arja and Aila Taipale, and Tuomi family.


Ulla Taipale / Melliferopolis

The digital edition of The Other Side was supported by Alfred Kordelin Foundation.