The Othe Side has been exhibited in three special locations in Finland, Spain and Switzerland. The site-specific aural spaces introduce the audience audible records of honeybees, the insects, which are embedded to our natural environments, lifecycles and culture so profoundly and in such a subtle ways, that their significance has often been ignored, until they started vanishing from our lives. 

According to classical mythology, bees have the ability to travel between the realms of the living and the dead. In The Other Side, we use an augmented reality app Arilyn that allows visitors to listen to fragments of writings which illustrate the role played by bees in the words written by great thinkers over the course of history. 

Clicking the posters you can find information and documentation of these previous editions.

Toinen puoli, Helsinki, 2016

L´altre costat, Barcelona, 2018

L ́Autre Côté, Geneva, 2019